5 Reasons Why You Fail To Generate Traffic From Twitter

twitter traffic

Twitter is the second largest social networking platform after Facebook. You can use Twitter as a good source of traffic for your website or blog. But, if you do it carelessly, Twitter might suspend your account and it won’t work well for you. Twitter has been so strict with rules nowadays. So, any attempt to “game” the system won’t work. If you have failed in generating traffic from Twitter, here are 5 possible reasons that lead to your failure:

twitter traffic

1. You Are Giving No Value To Your Audience

You should make Twitter an extension of your website, but don’t forget to keep giving value to your audience. This is the only way for you to attract lots of followers on Twitter. Remember that you can’t aggressively follow other members as this is against Twitter rules. If you have no follower at the start, start by tweeting valuable tweets in your Twitter account. Then, announce your Twitter account in your website. Ask your website visitors to follow you. Remember this rule: value first, followers later. The quality of your tweets will determine how eager people will follow you.

2. Following Others And Expect Them To Follow Back

If you have a new Twitter account, it is not wise for you to start following 100 people on Twitter at the same day, without actually publish any tweets. Your account will get suspended immediately if you do this. Instead, if you have a new Twitter account, start following others only if you have published at least 100 tweets, and if you have your Twitter account for several weeks. Even so, you should focus on following people strategically. For instance, you can follow 2 people per day. Focus on gaining followers, not following others and hope that they will follow you back.

3. You Are Not Looking For Quality Followers

Gaining followers on Twitter is not a matter of following people. Twitter relationship is not mutual, unlike Facebook. People can either follow or not follow you even though you follow them. That’s why the only way to attract Twitter followers is by showing your audience that you are worthy of following. By giving valuable tweets, you will be able to do it. Most Twitter software that is designed to attract followers to use the principle of following others and expect them to follow you back. This is not a good strategy for your business. Instead of doing this, you should ask people to follow you in your website, and ask them persistently. In this way, you can gain quality followers for your Twitter account.

4. Non-Attractive Profile

Let people enjoy your tweets more by giving them an interesting profile page. Why is it important? Let us think about it. When you ask people to follow you on Twitter, they will first take a look at your Twitter page. In this page, you will show them your tweets as well as profile. People will either decide to follow you or not based on what they see on this page. So, make sure that your profile is well-written. Include necessary information on your profile description. For instance, if you have a self-improvement website, you can write something like this in your bio description: “Helping thousands of people to improve their life for the better. Enjoy motivating tweets from us by following us on Twitter.” It is also a good idea to tweak your Twitter design/theme because it will help to make your Twitter account more attractive.

5. Non-Interesting Headline

When you’re about to promote your website content on Twitter in order to get some traffic to your content, you should write it in an interesting way. The tweet that you post needs to have interesting headline that will lead people to read your website content. Make people curious about your website. For instance: “Do you know that you can increase your memory by 200% or more? Follow these tips [insert website link]”. In this way, you’re communicating with your audience and they will most likely visit your link if you do that.

Those are 5 reasons why you fail to generate traffic from Twitter. To summarize, you can’t generate traffic from Twitter if you have: small amount of followers, useless tweets, bad profile page, and boring headline.

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