5 Reasons To Add A Forum To Your Facebook Page

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Discussion amongst businesses and consumers can be a wonderful thing. Not only do you learn more about your target audience, but you present your company as one that cares about being personable. If you want to increase discussions, a Facebook Page forum is a must. Plus, there are other added benefits that can lead to increased sales. Whether you want to increase interaction or visibility, a forum is a great addition to your Facebook page.

Fan Interaction

Obviously, the number one reason you want to include a forum is fan interaction. A forum allows you to create interesting topics so that you can easily discover what your customers think. It’s also a great way to easily take a bit of time out of your busy schedule to speak one-on-one with your customers. In today’s business world, this one step can make a big difference in how customers view your business.


Facebook is a wonderful way to increase search engine optimization. By including a forum, you have even more chances to get your business seen by the big search engines. In the forum, occasionally list your company web address and use the keywords and key terms that you have chosen to help search engines find your Facebook page. People will find your forum through search engines and your business will get more backlinks.

Target Market Study

Thanks to social media, you no longer have to pay to do market studies. All you need to do is create interesting topics in your forum and sit back and see how customers react. For example, if you run a business devoted to candy, you could casually ask consumers what they thought about the flavor peach. Through this interaction you could learn whether people enjoy real peach flavor or artificial or if peach would be a big flop.

Exciting Content

A forum can also be a great place to provide exciting content. For example, the forum users could get the big scoop on new products before other people. You could also share discount codes and other content that will get people coming to the forums.

Increased Visibility

Last, but not least, a popular forum can greatly increase Facebook visibility. While a customer may come to the forum for the first time to voice his opinion or grab a discount code, he may come back time and time again to interact with new online friends that share the same views as him. He may even tell his friends about the forum. With a good forum, word of mouth can spread quickly.

Adding a forum to your Facebook page isn’t a necessity, but could greatly increase sales and the information you know about your target market. Best of all, this isn’t something that’s going to eat up a lot of time. In the beginning, you’ll probably spend a couple minutes each day posting topics and interacting with consumers. As the forum grows in popularity, you may hand the job over to a social media expert on the team. Regardless, it’s a free way to give your business a boost.

Chris Parsons uses Facebook to market his business and enjoys writing articles to give tips to other Facebook marketers and business owners.

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